a+h’s Virtual Marketing Department offers our full list of marketing communications services to businesses that seek assistance in developing and executing their marketing strategies. This program is specifically designed to build awareness, strengthen customer experience, and increase sales conversions.

a+h’s Virtual Marketing Department is an ideal solution for a business that wants to expand its marketing efforts but is not ready to hire a full time marketing staff. Our Virtual Marketing Department offers immediate and seamless access to a+h’s team of marketing and advertising professionals. This outsource service program includes a comprehensive monthly Storytelling program designed to:

  • clearly define each unique product or service
  • identify immediate opportunities, priorities, goals, and objectives
  • recommend the most effective marketing tactical solutions
  • outline action plans along with timelines
  • establish the budget for achieving marketing tactics and increasing awareness

Our marketing communications services include:

Strategic Marketing: The first priority is to develop an initial marketing plan with specific goals and objectives. This process starts with an initial discovery session to identify all current marketing efforts and then identifying new short and long term marketing opportunities. The plan will continue to be refined over the coming months as results are measured and feedback is provided. a+h will continue to identify and advise on relevant marketing strategies and marketing tools, both current and debuting.

Competitive Marketing Consultation: Monitor competition to identify marketing threats and opportunities and advise.

Content Development: Research, interview, draft and/or edit content for marketing and sales collateral, newsletters, advertisements, website, press releases, and social media.

Creative Services: A+H offers a wide array of creative services that include graphic design, website development, video production, and digital marketing design.

Public Relations: Increase awareness by identifying media and public relations opportunities and acting on those opportunities by creating and delivering engaging content (press releases, media alerts, white papers, etc.) to targeted media sources or key decision makers.

Promotions/Events: Consult and plan promotions or events designed to strengthen new and existing customer experiences.

Social Media: Explore and execute digital media opportunities such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Media Consultation: a+h will advise and consult with the client in regards to purchasing media for any advertisements that are produced.

For more information contact a+h today and we’d be happy to set up an initial meeting to see if our Virtual Marketing Department is a good match for your business.