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Before you build it, first make sure your brilliant idea will fly. Start by creating a step-by-step strategic plan that identifies all of the touch points that are available during the customer journey. The key to initially connecting with a prospect is to establish a trust-based relationship that starts by sharing relevant and engaging content with the audience. Once you earn the respect and trust of a prospect, the likelihood that he/she becomes a life-long customer increases dramatically.

Ultimately, the goal is to convert your loyal customers into brand ambassadors – also known as word-of-mouth marketing.

At a+h, we start the strategic marketing process with a Discovery Session that addresses these basic, but critical, questions:
This discovery session is a learning opportunity where key representatives from both parties meet to share background information, establish clear marketing goals and objectives, discuss strategies, and outline initial delivery timelines.

a+h can be hired on a project-by-project basis to help create the strategic plan or to consult with your marketing team. We also offer a Virtual Marketing Department service for businesses that realize the benefits of outsourcing their marketing needs instead of hiring a full-time marketing director and/or marketing staff. Our team of marketing experts will provide everything from strategic consulting to public relations services and creative execution. This fee-based service enables businesses to focus on their core competency, while a team of marketing professionals manages your marketing responsibilities.