Social Storytelling is a social media marketing program that is ideal for a business that would like to make a big bang with a small budget. Social media has rapidly become the most effective mobile marketing channel for driving customers to your business. In addition, Social Storytelling directly impacts Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies designed to boost your company’s ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

a+h offers two options for increasing traffic using social media marketing:

Our Organic Traffic Social Storytelling service includes crafting and sharing topical content and visuals on key social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The organic program is designed to keep your target audience engaged with compelling content throughout the lifetime of the of the customer journey. We’ll continue to identify all potential new social media channels in order to leverage the distribution of the content. The monthly service also includes monitoring traffic response and utilizing performance tools designed to target, reach, and track online traffic patterns.

Paid Traffic Social Storytelling is a digital media program designed to generate leads and increase sales by strategically placing online ads on social media channels. This is a pay-to-play program that utilizes tactics such as Facebook ads, YouTube video ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Retargeting, and Google AdWords to drive new traffic to your sales funnel. The great thing about the Paid Traffic program is that it costs a fraction of a traditional mass media buy, and the return on investment can be quickly realized. The process starts with a discovery session that is designed to capture initial critical information that will be used to create the blueprint for driving new traffic and increasing sales.