IP Targeting is a hyper-targeted digital marketing tool that gives advertisers the ability to send an online ad to a specific home or business address using its unique internet account IP address. For the layman, this is the digital version of traditional direct mail. It’s a highly targeted marketing tool used for reaching new prospects at a specific location and time. Campaigns are based on impressions and measured by clicks, CTR (click-through rate), Google Analytics, and revenue match-back reports.

The real power in IP Targeting is based on a strategic blend of “great math”, algorithms, and an extensive data warehouse to integrate our clients’ off-line data with our IP data to produce an extraordinarily effective targeting segment. Based on the type of data clients provide, each campaign contains only qualified prospects that are more receptive to the marketing message. This is vastly different than most internet-based advertising campaigns where a significant amount of your ads never reach qualified prospects.

Here’s how a campaign works: Digital ads are dynamically served to virtually any ad-based web site that each target user accesses on his/her desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. A campaign is measured based on how many times the ads have been served (impressions), the number of clicks, and the click-through rate. Campaigns are set up just like any other digital marketing strategy. The ad is designed to immediately attract the initial attention of the target user. When the ad is clicked, the user is taken to a designated web landing page that offers more relevant information about the campaign offer. The prospect then has the option to respond to the landing page’s “call to action” by providing an email address or an immediate purchase. Tracking reports are provided when each campaign is completed.

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