There’s nothing robotic about creating art. At a+h, you’ll never hear our creative team use terms like "automated" or "cookie cutter solutions". All of our creative work is customized to meet the specific objectives of the project, effectively engage the target audience with strong design, and visually support the unique personality of the client.

A good story is never complete without the addition of an eye-catching illustration, a link to a video, or a clip of engaging audio to help paint the full picture. a+h takes great pride in offering a wealth of creative services to complement the marketing services that we provide. Our full selection of creative services includes graphic design, website development, video production, audio production, and digital advertising design.


Video production has been a staple service that we have offered clients since we started our business back in 1992. Our founder and principal storyteller, Watson Courtenay, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in filmmaking and began his career a photo journalist, so video production remains one of our passions. Our wide range of video production services includes short-format videos for YouTube, commercial production, and even long-format videos when the opportunity presents itself to tell the whole story. We often partner with some of the best “shooters” in the industry to make sure the final product delivers even more than you imagined.
Web Development: a+h has designed, developed, and launched websites for numerous profit and not-for-profit companies for over 18 years. Although the technology, resources, and tools continue to change, our objectives for each site remain the same: to create a digital destination that is well designed, easy to navigate, provides engaging content, and enhances the customer experience. Every website we design comes equipped with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS), and you can be rest assured that your site will be tablet and mobile friendly.