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What Is My "Brand Identity" Anyways?

When it comes to marketing, there are so many things to keep in mind. Who is your target audience? Which platforms do we need to have a presence on? What message will resonate most with my customers? All of these are of course important, but there is one thing that often doesn’t always receive the... view entire article
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Elevate Your Storytelling with Emotion

The emotions we feel connect us with the stories we tell each other. Storytelling gives us the power to evoke strong feelings that draw us in and compel us to take action or change our perspectives. Artificial intelligence may be advancing, but there is no replacement for our human need to connect. ... view entire article
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Stay Trendy

To say that 2020 was a difficult year for predicting how social media and marketing would be altered is an understatement. An overwhelming number of communications shifted online, in addition to virtual events, classes, and other important news announcements. Being stuck at home for such extended pe... view entire article
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Customer Success Stories Are Not Just for Customers Anymore

We’re all familiar with traditional case studies, testimonials, and white papers. Just about every marketing strategy includes creating a series of articles that describe examples of how a customer’s problem was addressed and resolved. As Brand Storytellers we call these proof-of-performance nar... view entire article
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Time Is Everything - "So Don't Waste Mine"

We’ve heard the term “timing is everything.” Timing often refers to the importance of delivering something – let’s say a relevant message – to the right person at the right moment. This blog simply focuses on the word “time” and how it impacts the success of earning the opportunity ... view entire article

Hold Your Position

One of the most appealing aspects of Brand Storytelling is its simplicity. As the world of marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s very easy to become totally overwhelmed with new discoveries, opportunities, trends, and jargon. Brand Storytelling continues to remind us that the best wa... view entire article
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A Picture Is Worth A Lot More Than 1000 Words

One thing is for sure: Brand Storytelling appeals quicker to right-brain thinkers than left-brain thinkers. Dominant right-brain folks tend to be artistic, creative, innovative, and out-of-the-box thinkers which means they are immediately attracted to engaging visuals when they seek content. Markete... view entire article
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With Power Comes Responsibility

During this current time of disruption and uncertainty, we find it deeply troubling when a person or entity with a prominent voice misuses or even abuses his/her power of communicating by employing impassioned language intended to cause fear, anger, and even panic. This applies to journalists, poli... view entire article
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Joy to the World

It was a bleak and depressing year for those who relied on the major news channels to stay informed each day. Despite the mass media news stories filled with violence, anger, fear, and despair we’d like to brighten your day with this message of hope, joy, compassion, and deep gratitude. You see, ... view entire article
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Take Advantage of the Brain Break

Here’s a question for folks who tend to use the right-side of their brain more than the left side. What grabs your attention quicker: a project spreadsheet containing a mass amount of data or an engaging story with images that explains why the project was created and how it affects the end user? T... view entire article

Learn the 3 Basic Ways to Start a Conversation

As you develop a marketing strategy for your Brand Story you’ll discover that you have 3 basic ways to engage a conversation with a potential customer: one is through Owned Media; another is through Earned Media, and the other is through Paid Media. While each of the 3 media channels help build se... view entire article

Time To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We as human beings crave routine. Going to work each day, cleaning the house, paying bills, etc.… we get into habits that create structure, giving us predictability in our lives. In some instances, routines can be extremely helpful. A set schedule often allows better management of your time, pla... view entire article
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Content Marketing Made Easy

It’s no secret: Creating content doesn’t come easy for some people. Some call it writer’s block but it really comes down to having confidence in your ability to write. Fear can actually be the motivating factor behind limiting your creative ability, but you can’t let it stop you from creatin... view entire article

Everything in Moderation

We hear this phrase used all the time. The term moderation is often used for personal health issues such as your diet and exercise habits. The point being that it is important to regulate the frequency of these important lifestyle activities. Without some form of control you’re either eating too m... view entire article

Strategic Marketing Tip: Always Start with a Realistic End

One of the most common mistakes when conducting a strategic marketing session is not establishing a clear and attainable purpose at the very beginning of the meeting. In layman’s terms: “What do we want to specifically and realistically achieve from this meeting?” See if this scenario sounds... view entire article

Brands are Over Rated

If you think your business or organization has a “brand” you are most likely mistaken. The fact is achieving a true a brand is strictly determined by one group – your customers. Don’t be fooled by an ad agency or marketing group that broadly claims that they can create your brand. It just ... view entire article
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What is This Journey You Speak of?

“So, what exactly is this Customer Journey you keep talking about?” We get this question all the time -- and for good reason. The word “journey” can be used for many types of situations whether it’s a physical journey in a car, an emotional life journey, an intellectual journey, or even ... view entire article

You've Got To Hear This

One of the most revolutionary forms of wireless communication was introduced at the very end of the 19th Century. It was called the radio, and by 1920 there was hardly a household that didn’t have one prominently positioned in the family living room. The radio introduced a new creative platform... view entire article

Growing The Distance

You love your business, right? You want to see it grow and thrive, of course. It sounds simple in quarterly meetings – “we need to grow ‘x’% in ‘x’ days.” But when it comes down to it, what do you actually have to do to grow? Yes, you can run specials. Yes, you can add new items. Yes,... view entire article

Five Simple Steps for Writing a Good Story

As consumers, we are bombarded by tons of content every day and that can be very annoying. So, as marketers, it’s extremely important to avoid wasting our target audiences time by sharing useless information. Remember, the ultimate goal is to engage a prospect by earning their trust. Here are... view entire article
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Every Story Starts Somewhere.

It doesn’t matter what stories you have heard or what stories you have told they all had to start somewhere. There are many important parts to a good story and the way you start a story defines the way it will develop and who will listen to it. Have you ever listened intently to a story that didn... view entire article
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Storytelling Sells: How to create content that is unforgettable.

You can admire and polish anything to make it shine, but making something beautiful doesn’t make it unique and doesn’t make it effective. The same can be said about advertising and marketing. You can formulate the most astonishing campaign that implements every creative tool in the book and th... view entire article
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Basic Steps For Creating A Successful Story

Simply put, a successful story to promote your business is based on the ability to craft and share the right message with the right person at the right time. Sounds easy, right? The fact is, Storytelling is both an ART and a SCIENCE. The ART is the creative part – the ability to craft and design... view entire article
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Responsible Storytelling

It’s the crazy world we live in. Consumers (like you and me) are constantly being pummeled by bits of information every time they check their mobile phone, turn on the television, browse the Internet, or simply drive down the street. Why? Because we crave the ability to gain immediate knowledge. N... view entire article
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Storytelling is a Journey Not a Sale

One of the most common marketing mistakes today is focusing on the sale instead of the customer. While the initial sale is still important it’s actually just a piece of the big picture. The traditional sales funnel model is based on a basic economic objective: sell enough products or services to... view entire article
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10 Ways To Share A Good Story?

So let’s take a breath and take a fresh look at your marketing efforts. Hopefully, you’ve gained some insight from our blogs as we continue to share tips and ideas on how to successfully reach and share engaging information with your current customers and new prospects. The institutional term f... view entire article

Keep The Story Going

Whether your business is in slow season or off-season, revamping your business' story is crucial to its success. Due to the constant exposure to marketing stimuli, a business needs to continue to be relevant with its audience. Developing a plan can be difficult. A few ways to remain top-of-mind is t... view entire article
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Does your story have what it takes?

It’s an age-old question: “How can I make sure my message cuts through the massive clutter of advertising that people are exposed to every day and actually reaches my target customer?” The short answer is, “very carefully”. As consumers we now live in a world where we are constantly barra... view entire article
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The Personal Touch

Want to take your social storytelling to a new level? Integrated Marketing Communication, known in the marketing world as IMC, is a great way to generate audience involvement with your product or brand. If you’ve seen Coca-Cola’s current “Share a Coke” campaign, this is a goo... view entire article
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Answer these 7 important questions

Every Story Is Based On These 7 Critical Questions … 5 Ways to Fail at Social Storytelling WHO are you trying to reach? If your answer is “everyone”…start over. WHAT is the essence or core message of your story? HOW do you plan to share your story with your target audience(s)? DOES your... view entire article
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Ghostly Storytelling

No, we are not suggesting that we share spooky stories around a campfire. This blog is about a trend in social media marketing called “ghost blogging”, where the business partners with a content expert to write stories for their blog. Ghostbloggers are essentially reporters who gather informatio... view entire article
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How Not To Tell Your Story

5 Ways to Fail at Social Storytelling Don’t worry. This post is not really about failing. But since we usually share tips on how to succeed at using content (stories) to build brand awareness and gain more customers we decided to use this blog to share 5 common content marketing mistakes or misco... view entire article
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Alexander + Hughes Puzzle Pieces

... view entire article

The Perfect Summer Recipe To Keep Your Story Fresh!

As summer gets underway you can’t help but find ways to beat the heat. Think about your favorite summer treat, maybe it’s an ice cream sundae. Now imagine how the ingredients in your perfect summer treat can be translated into a story for your business. Perhaps a scoop of sticky content, sprin... view entire article

Do your customers trust you?

Advertising versus Storytelling We are often asked what the difference is between “traditional advertising” and “content marketing” or what we call storytelling. Allow us to share a series of simple explanations: • Traditional advertising’s purpose is to build brand awareness using mas... view entire article

Focus On Your Fan Club

Tip #47: Start a Fan Club Before you read this blog I want you to think like a consumer versus someone trying to sell something. As consumers we are all constantly exposed to hundreds of ads, offers, or promotions every day. The “noise” has become so overwhelming that we have figured out how to... view entire article

3 Steps To Increase Your Word of Mouth Marketing: Part 1

We live in a digital world. So, you should agree that there is value in engaging your target audience directly through social media. A 2012 study conducted by Pew Research Centers found that 65% of Internet users use social media. Of users on Facebook, 58% liked a brand page in 2011 and 41% shared c... view entire article

3 Steps To Increase Your Word of Mouth Marketing: Part 3

In part 1 of “3 Steps To Increase Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing,” we discussed the importance of establishing your target audience and how to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy. In part 2 we focused on identifying your business’ unique story and how to share it. In our final... view entire article

3 Steps To Increase Your Word of Mouth Marketing: Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the importance of identifying your target audience and how to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy. In part 2 we focus on discovering your business’ unique story. Additionally, we’ll discuss the different ways to share your story. “Discover what makes yo... view entire article

Discover a brand new story

Brand Spanking New Marketing guru, Seth Godin says it best: “A brand that stands for what all brands stand for stands for nothing much.” In other words, unless you can truly differentiate your business from your competitors then your brand is not unique. Same thing goes for a mission statement.... view entire article
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The Ambassador Program

Social Storytelling combines strategic marketing, public relations, digital marketing, and social media into one integrated program designed to connect with prospects, nurture your current customers, and encourage them to become loyal customers. The ultimate goal is to empower your customers to beco... view entire article

Storytelling: No Pain. All Gain.

Traditional advertisers are always looking for the immediate opportunity to close the sale. As one of our favorite marketers, Seth Godin, points out, “The goal then is to create tension, to escalate need, to amplify conflict until action is taken.” But his point is this pressure marketing strat... view entire article
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Storytelling: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

There is a distinct difference between writing engaging content for the digital audience and the traditional mass media audience. The good news is the fact that digital story writing is basically free to publish. The bad news is that unless your stories are relevant and worth reading then the messa... view entire article
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Why Does My Business Need A Facebook Page?

Even though Facebook now reports over 1 billion active accounts, there are still business owners that aren’t convinced that Facebook offers any real benefits. This article attempts to address the common concerns for starting a Facebook Business page. Concern #1 – No one cares: My kids use Faceb... view entire article
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Ten Ways to Use Social Storytelling to Improve Your Business in 2013

1. Listen. A good story starts by listening to your customer in order to learn what they really want to know. It’s not about you. Make sure your story focuses on what you can do for your customer versus just telling them what you do. 2. Earn trust. One key to developing customer loyalt... view entire article

Storytelling Provides a Competitive Advantage

This may come as a surprise but a new report by Forrester Research shows that a majority of decision makers (65%) buy from businesses that do the best of job of providing compelling information or what we call “social stories”. The other 35% use the traditional method of requesting proposals fro... view entire article
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Behind Every Successful Business Lies a Good Story

Most marketing and advertising efforts typically promote what they do or how they do it. But today’s savvy consumers are more likely to respond if they can relate to who you are and why you do what you do. Social Storytelling is the art of identifying and sharing your company’s unique stories ... view entire article
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What are your customers saying about you?

Earning and maintaining a positive reputation is critical to the success of any company. Your reputation starts by providing a good product or service. But that’s typically not enough to succeed long term. In order to establish your brand you need to keep your audience engaged with compelling s... view entire article
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Good Stories Attract Great Customers

There have been several depictions of the traditional sales funnel but they all seem to revolve around 3 primary stages: Generating Leads, Closing the Sale, and Upselling. Social Storytelling puts a bit of a different spin on the sales cycle. In the last eMerge we shared our thoughts on Boosting Awa... view entire article
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This Isn’t About You

One of the biggest challenges for any marketing effort is developing an engaging message (story) that is designed to benefit a prospect or customer versus the business decision maker. It’s not uncommon for the owner or a decision maker of a business to use valuable space and time in a print ad, w... view entire article
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Five C’s to Successful Storytelling

1. Commitment – Prior to embarking on this journey determine if you can make the commitment to remain responsive. Your story continues to evolve and needs nurturing. 2. Concept – The strategy – unique idea. Determine the purpose of the story and what you want to achieve. 3. Creative – Oft... view entire article
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