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Customer Success Stories Are Not Just for Customers Anymore

We’re all familiar with traditional case studies, testimonials, and white papers. Just about every marketing strategy includes creating a series of articles that describe examples of how a customer’s problem was addressed and resolved. As Brand Storytellers we call these proof-of-performance nar... view entire article
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6 Great Tips on Writing Engaging Social Content

Brands are constantly competing for consumers' attention. How many branded posts do you scroll through in a day? Probably more than you can remember. That’s why creating content that resonates with your brand's followers is so crucial to capturing their attention. Here are six content strategies t... view entire article
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Time Is Everything - "So Don't Waste Mine"

We’ve heard the term “timing is everything.” Timing often refers to the importance of delivering something – let’s say a relevant message – to the right person at the right moment. This blog simply focuses on the word “time” and how it impacts the success of earning the opportunity ... view entire article

Just Like Snowflakes: No Two Customers Are Exactly Alike

One of life’s wonders is the snowflake. According to research, even though two snowflakes may form in the same cloud, their individual journeys to the ground affect their shape and size, giving each snowflake its own unique identity. You may never find an identical pair of snowflakes, but they can... view entire article
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Content Marketing Made Easy

It’s no secret: Creating content doesn’t come easy for some people. Some call it writer’s block but it really comes down to having confidence in your ability to write. Fear can actually be the motivating factor behind limiting your creative ability, but you can’t let it stop you from creatin... view entire article

The Importance of Social Media

We live in a world that never stops changing and if you’re not careful, you’ll get lost. New social media channels are always trying to make their big break, and the big ones are constantly changing to stay relevant. Instagram just revealed a new addition to their stories feature allowing bran... view entire article

Experimenting With Experiential Marketing

Truly effective marketing strategies are ones that have the ability to change and adapt based on the needs and trends of consumer behavior as well as the current marketing landscape. An important first step in your overall strategic approach is to identify and prioritize all potential and relevant m... view entire article
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Marketers Are Losing Control of Time (but don’t panic)

It’s a harsh reality but unfortunately it’s true. For the most part, marketers can no longer control when a prospect will see a message. It seemed like it was just yesterday when the expectation of any marketing campaign was to reach and engage the right audience with the right message at prec... view entire article

Seven Simple Rules of Engagement

Playing by the rules is never easy when you’re striving to boost your business’ performance as quickly as possible. Rules equate to regulations and red tape - both of which do not sit well with a business owner. On the other hand, any intelligent owner wants to avoid hastily investing in a cust... view entire article
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What is This Journey You Speak of?

“So, what exactly is this Customer Journey you keep talking about?” We get this question all the time -- and for good reason. The word “journey” can be used for many types of situations whether it’s a physical journey in a car, an emotional life journey, an intellectual journey, or even ... view entire article

You've Got To Hear This

One of the most revolutionary forms of wireless communication was introduced at the very end of the 19th Century. It was called the radio, and by 1920 there was hardly a household that didn’t have one prominently positioned in the family living room. The radio introduced a new creative platform... view entire article

Did You Get Permission First?

Way back in 1999 our favorite marketing guru, Seth Godin, coined the phrase “Permission Marketing”. He defines Permission Marketing as “the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. It recognizes the new power... view entire article

Read This Now! Please Don't Miss This!

Your customers are real, living people. In marketing your business, it’s important to think like the people you are trying to reach. More importantly, if you want to increase or maintain customers, you must consistently invite them to engage with you. This doesn’t always include spending money ... view entire article
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Growing The Distance

You love your business, right? You want to see it grow and thrive, of course. It sounds simple in quarterly meetings – “we need to grow ‘x’% in ‘x’ days.” But when it comes down to it, what do you actually have to do to grow? Yes, you can run specials. Yes, you can add new items. Yes,... view entire article

Make Me An Offer I Can't Refuse

OK, it’s true - most paid advertising fails. The biggest reason for failure is typically a bad offer. The fact of the matter is that millions of people (like you and me) are overwhelmed with advertising offers on the devices we use every day. As marketers, one of the primary challenges in digi... view entire article

How Well Do You know Your Customers?

You’d be surprised how often a marketing plan is out of sync with the customer. The common flaw in developing a plan is to fall prey to “assumption”. It’s easy for a business to simply assume it knows exactly who the customer is and what he/she wants. There is absolutely no truth to the ... view entire article
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Build Trust, Build Your Brand

Building Your Brand Starts by Building Trust The social media revolution has arguably provided us with the most immediate marketing tool ever created. It is easier than ever to send information about your business straight to the palm of the people you are trying to reach. But in an age where one ... view entire article
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Alexander + Hughes Puzzle Pieces

... view entire article

Do your customers trust you?

Advertising versus Storytelling We are often asked what the difference is between “traditional advertising” and “content marketing” or what we call storytelling. Allow us to share a series of simple explanations: • Traditional advertising’s purpose is to build brand awareness using mas... view entire article

Focus On Your Fan Club

Tip #47: Start a Fan Club Before you read this blog I want you to think like a consumer versus someone trying to sell something. As consumers we are all constantly exposed to hundreds of ads, offers, or promotions every day. The “noise” has become so overwhelming that we have figured out how to... view entire article

3 Steps To Increase Your Word of Mouth Marketing: Part 1

We live in a digital world. So, you should agree that there is value in engaging your target audience directly through social media. A 2012 study conducted by Pew Research Centers found that 65% of Internet users use social media. Of users on Facebook, 58% liked a brand page in 2011 and 41% shared c... view entire article

3 Steps To Increase Your Word of Mouth Marketing: Part 3

In part 1 of “3 Steps To Increase Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing,” we discussed the importance of establishing your target audience and how to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy. In part 2 we focused on identifying your business’ unique story and how to share it. In our final... view entire article

3 Steps To Increase Your Word of Mouth Marketing: Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the importance of identifying your target audience and how to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy. In part 2 we focus on discovering your business’ unique story. Additionally, we’ll discuss the different ways to share your story. “Discover what makes yo... view entire article

The Ambassador Program

Social Storytelling combines strategic marketing, public relations, digital marketing, and social media into one integrated program designed to connect with prospects, nurture your current customers, and encourage them to become loyal customers. The ultimate goal is to empower your customers to beco... view entire article

What are your customers saying about you?

Earning and maintaining a positive reputation is critical to the success of any company. Your reputation starts by providing a good product or service. But that’s typically not enough to succeed long term. In order to establish your brand you need to keep your audience engaged with compelling s... view entire article
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What’s Your People Plan?

To succeed in business we’ve all been told that it’s critical to have a series of innovative strategies and plans. We’re told that we should have a business plan, a sales plan, and a marketing plan that are all supported by specific strategies. And now with the internet in full swing along wi... view entire article

Maximize the Experience

Congratulations! You just made a sale and gained a new customer. But, before you start focusing on your next prospect make sure you take the time to develop a strong customer relationship with your new customer. Maintaining regular communication with your customers can be very rewarding. Not onl... view entire article
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Good Stories Attract Great Customers

There have been several depictions of the traditional sales funnel but they all seem to revolve around 3 primary stages: Generating Leads, Closing the Sale, and Upselling. Social Storytelling puts a bit of a different spin on the sales cycle. In the last eMerge we shared our thoughts on Boosting Awa... view entire article
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This Isn’t About You

One of the biggest challenges for any marketing effort is developing an engaging message (story) that is designed to benefit a prospect or customer versus the business decision maker. It’s not uncommon for the owner or a decision maker of a business to use valuable space and time in a print ad, w... view entire article
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