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Time Is Everything - "So Don't Waste Mine"

We’ve heard the term “timing is everything.” Timing often refers to the importance of delivering something – let’s say a relevant message – to the right person at the right moment. This blog simply focuses on the word “time” and how it impacts the success of earning the opportunity ... view entire article

With Power Comes Responsibility

During this current time of disruption and uncertainty, we find it deeply troubling when a person or entity with a prominent voice misuses or even abuses his/her power of communicating by employing impassioned language intended to cause fear, anger, and even panic. This applies to journalists, poli... view entire article
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Take Advantage of the Brain Break

Here’s a question for folks who tend to use the right-side of their brain more than the left side. What grabs your attention quicker: a project spreadsheet containing a mass amount of data or an engaging story with images that explains why the project was created and how it affects the end user? T... view entire article

Everything in Moderation

We hear this phrase used all the time. The term moderation is often used for personal health issues such as your diet and exercise habits. The point being that it is important to regulate the frequency of these important lifestyle activities. Without some form of control you’re either eating too m... view entire article

Strategic Marketing Tip: Always Start with a Realistic End

One of the most common mistakes when conducting a strategic marketing session is not establishing a clear and attainable purpose at the very beginning of the meeting. In layman’s terms: “What do we want to specifically and realistically achieve from this meeting?” See if this scenario sounds... view entire article

What is This Journey You Speak of?

“So, what exactly is this Customer Journey you keep talking about?” We get this question all the time -- and for good reason. The word “journey” can be used for many types of situations whether it’s a physical journey in a car, an emotional life journey, an intellectual journey, or even ... view entire article

You've Got To Hear This

One of the most revolutionary forms of wireless communication was introduced at the very end of the 19th Century. It was called the radio, and by 1920 there was hardly a household that didn’t have one prominently positioned in the family living room. The radio introduced a new creative platform... view entire article

Growing The Distance

You love your business, right? You want to see it grow and thrive, of course. It sounds simple in quarterly meetings – “we need to grow ‘x’% in ‘x’ days.” But when it comes down to it, what do you actually have to do to grow? Yes, you can run specials. Yes, you can add new items. Yes,... view entire article

What’s The Plan?

Pop Quiz: How would you answer the question, “What is your main objective for an initial marketing campaign?” If the answer is simply, “to sell more product” then unless you’re giving your product away for free you probably need to go back to the drawing board. The fact is a sale is rare... view entire article

Storytelling is a Journey Not a Sale

One of the most common marketing mistakes today is focusing on the sale instead of the customer. While the initial sale is still important it’s actually just a piece of the big picture. The traditional sales funnel model is based on a basic economic objective: sell enough products or services to... view entire article
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10 Ways To Share A Good Story?

So let’s take a breath and take a fresh look at your marketing efforts. Hopefully, you’ve gained some insight from our blogs as we continue to share tips and ideas on how to successfully reach and share engaging information with your current customers and new prospects. The institutional term f... view entire article

Patience Is Still A Virtue

TODAY we live in a digital world driven by immediacy. Time has arguably become our most valuable asset. We demand immediate access to information. We demand an immediate response to an inquiry. We demand to speak and be heard. Dozens of digital communications tools such as social media, apps and eve... view entire article

Answer these 7 important questions

Every Story Is Based On These 7 Critical Questions … 5 Ways to Fail at Social Storytelling WHO are you trying to reach? If your answer is “everyone”…start over. WHAT is the essence or core message of your story? HOW do you plan to share your story with your target audience(s)? DOES your... view entire article
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Think Like A Publisher, Become A Trusted Advisor

Breaking News news We’ve got a new challenge for you. If you’ve been following our blogs you know how passionate we are about content marketing (Storytelling). Websites, social media, and email are all effective marketing channels but they are essentially ineffective unless they are fed regular... view entire article
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Build Trust, Build Your Brand

Building Your Brand Starts by Building Trust The social media revolution has arguably provided us with the most immediate marketing tool ever created. It is easier than ever to send information about your business straight to the palm of the people you are trying to reach. But in an age where one ... view entire article
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Alexander + Hughes Puzzle Pieces

... view entire article

Cirque Du Content Chaos

Flying trapezes, contortionists and jugglers. Sometimes life’s greatest challenges are the circus of chaos we have in our own lives. Similar to Cirque du Soleil’s unique storytelling performance filled with extravagant stunts and colorful characters, so is the content we consider for our person... view entire article

Do your customers trust you?

Advertising versus Storytelling We are often asked what the difference is between “traditional advertising” and “content marketing” or what we call storytelling. Allow us to share a series of simple explanations: • Traditional advertising’s purpose is to build brand awareness using mas... view entire article

Are you ready to take the big leap?

You start to tell a story in front of an eager group although you’re not quite sure where your story is going to go. You may have a rough idea of the structure of the story but as you share it you find yourself shifting your direction based on your audience’s reactions. Marketing can work the sa... view entire article
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Ten Ways to Use Social Storytelling to Improve Your Business in 2013

1. Listen. A good story starts by listening to your customer in order to learn what they really want to know. It’s not about you. Make sure your story focuses on what you can do for your customer versus just telling them what you do. 2. Earn trust. One key to developing customer loyalt... view entire article

What’s Your People Plan?

To succeed in business we’ve all been told that it’s critical to have a series of innovative strategies and plans. We’re told that we should have a business plan, a sales plan, and a marketing plan that are all supported by specific strategies. And now with the internet in full swing along wi... view entire article

Think Big. Start Small.

When we first started this marketing firm back in 1992 [dare I use this old saying] things were a lot different. Technology was a term used only by computer nerds and the economy was much healthier. Today, technology is an integral part of our daily lives and despite signs of recovery, the economy... view entire article

Think outside the box…but not too far

In the original “Star Trek” series, the unique relationship between Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock was a big reason the show was such a success. Spock was logical; Kirk was illogical but both were right depending on the situation. Spock’s decisions were strictly based on facts but Kirk pushed the... view entire article
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