Teddy Abrams, Louisville Orchestra - Social Media & Community Engagement

a+h was hired by Teddy Abrams, Music Director of the Louisville Orchestra and Music Director and Conductor of the Britt Classical Festival in 2015. Teddy, a widely acclaimed conductor, established pianist, clarinetist, and composer, was hired by The Louisville Orchestra in 2014 at the age of 27. As a millennial himself, he understands the importance of social media and online engagement. The Louisville Orchestra already has a captive audience of devoted patrons and donors; however, Teddy was interested in reaching an audience outside of that demographic. He knew that in order for the orchestra to reach this new audience, that they were going to have to think outside the box. Teddy was able to connect with Lauren Hendricks of a+h after noticing the work she had done managing a local boutique’s online reputation and social media. Teddy personally sought out a+h due to the success he had seen firsthand. Knowing that he would not have the time to dedicate to social media, but understanding how powerful of a tool of it is, he asked Lauren to manage his personal social media accounts, website, and online reputation. His goal was to both increase awareness and strategically promote himself as an extension of The Louisville Orchestra. Putting a name and face to the orchestra’s brand provided a personalized way to connect with that new outside audience. An audience that has likely never attended a concert, thought they could not afford the orchestra, had not been exposed to classical music, or that it was only for an older audience. Lauren developed a strategic plan for with Teddy’s goals in mind that combined a+h’s social storytelling and consulting services. This plan also included the creation and management of Teddy’s blog, Wikipedia page, and a Facebook Live video series that Lauren launched in 2017.

Since beginning work with Teddy his Facebook page has seen the following success:
o Reach: Over 1.9 million
o Engagement Rate: 128,000
o Impressions: 2.7 million
o Clicks: Over 134,000
o Likes: 4,112 - up from 634 (650% increase)
o Ages 25-34 make up 20% of his reach, 2nd largest is ages 35-44 (17% of overall reach)

While social media is a large focus of this ongoing campaign, it also focuses heavily on utilizing social as tool to connect with and spark conversation beyond likes and comments. Specifically working with Teddy on becoming an integrated part of the community and getting him in front of and engaging with new audiences. This includes unique events and appearances, such as pre-concert conversations, Facebook Live Q&As, and “Teddy Bares All”; a regular Facebook Live session in which people can have open dialogue with Teddy about anything! These types of strategies have proven to be very effective for Teddy and not only increase his digital presence and social growth, but help build his brand as someone open and inviting to those interested or just a bit curious about the orchestra.