October 2014 – May 2015

Wilson & Muir Bank hired A+H in an effort to establish an online presence and connect with customers and potential new customers through social media. Wilson & Muir Bank had no background in social media marketing before hiring A+H, but understood the value and power of social media. A+H developed a strategic marketing plan that combined our social storytelling and consulting services. During the first three months of the proposed strategy A+H launched a Facebook business page on behalf of the bank, created monthly content calendars, and trained key employees of the bank to manage and post on the bank’s Facebook page. Within one month of launching the bank’s Facebook page A+H was able to organically gain more than 1,000 likes. A+H used all original content to organically grow the bank’s Facebook audience, meaning no money was put into purchasing any Facebook ads, boosted posts or sponsored posts. After three months of managing the bank’s page and training employees how to effectively use social media to communicate with customers and positively promote the bank and its services, A+H moved into a consultation phase that consisted of overseeing the bank’s social media progress. A+H was effective in training Wilson & Muir Bank’s employees to successfully use Facebook. The bank’s followers and engagement rate continued to grow when A+H moved into the consultation phase. The bank’s employees actively participated in posting fresh content, and over a year later the bank’s Facebook page continues to grow its customer base and receives high engagement rates.