The Café’s Story:

Anyone who lives in Louisville, Kentucky knows that it is home to many of the best local restaurants in the nation. Residents and visitors have an amazingly wide selection of culinary options to choose from when they wish to dine out. The high demand for great restaurants has presented great opportunities for many restaurateurs, but not all succeed. One restaurant that has succeeded is The Café for the simple reason that they stayed true to their patrons by focused on the food they specialized in preparing and serving. One specialty: cakes!!

Original owner Sal Rubino understood the importance of retaining his loyal customers so he met with a+h back in 2004 to discuss a plan for maintaining a strong connection with his target audience. The relationship began with designing the restaurant’s website, creating print ads, and tabletop displays that featured the menu’s daily specials. The partnership expanded when Sal decided to expand his customer base by targeting an under-40 audience. a+h created a strategic marketing plan based on the restaurant’s marketing goals and budget. The first step was to consolidate two existing Facebook business pages with less than 200 “Likes” per account. Once a+h was able to combine the two Facebook pages that path was set for building a strong and extremely loyal following by posting new organic content. Despite the limited marketing budget, a+h was able to improve the restaurant’s Facebook engagement rate by over 75% within six months. The Café’s followers grew to more than 2,000 page “likes” that included a significant increase in number of people under 40 engaging with the restaurant. a+h has since expanded The Café’s social media plan to include Twitter and Instagram accounts which have quickly grown to match the same success as the Facebook page. The Café’s social media success led to additional marketing opportunities, including regional and national television appearances, numerous new stories and positive reviews, inclusion in multiple “best of” articles, and awards.

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