April 10-13, 2016

A+H was hired by a quarter-century old intellectual property insurance corporation to help drive company awareness and new leads using IP Targeting. As the company was gearing up to be first-time attendees at a popular industry trade show, they were seeking ways to truly stand out from other exhibitors. A+H put together an IP Targeting campaign specifically focused on the three host hotels during the conference. This allowed conference decision-makers, attendees, and prospective customers, to see the targeted IPISC banner ads while surfing the Internet from their hotel rooms throughout the conference. By seeing and engaging with those highly targeted ads, attendees were able to learn what IPISC had to offer before ever hitting the trade show floor. In the three days of the trade show IPISC’s banner ads received 1422 clicks resulting in multiple visits to the company’s landing page and a steady stream of face-to-face prospect meetings in the booth. Months after the show, IPISC was still receiving calls based on the impact IP Targeting had on their trade show efforts.