The B4B Alliance – consultation, multiple website development, and visual presentation

This project presented both a challenging and exciting opportunity to share a unique business story with multiple target audiences. Following a series of various marketing projects, A+H was approached by the principals of a new business collaborative to create a website that affectively explains the business’ innovative concept and its multiple offerings. The project required a series of discovery meetings with the founder of the business alliance and the owner of the first member of the alliance to transform a long and complicated storyline into an easy-to-understand initial story that can be used to generate a conversation with a prospect. The business model presented several factors to consider. Even though the alliance of businesses all exist within the same industry each provides different offerings. In addition the alliance serves multiple target audiences: 1. Other industry-related businesses that benefit from sharing the costs of doing business. 2. Customers they serve. Our solution was to create an animated home page that includes a sequence of illustrations that show the different offerings provided by the alliance. Each offering is identified by a specific graphic icon that directs the prospect to a landing page with more information. The landing pages also include a direct link to the specific business associated with the offering. Using simple illustrations helped transform a complicated business model into a simple engaging story.