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Case Stories

Wilson & Muir Bank

October 2014 – May 2015 Wilson & Muir Bank hired A+H in an effort to establish an online presence and connect with customers and potential new customers through social media. Wilson & Muir Bank had no background in social media marketing before hiring A+H, but understood the value and power of so... view entire article

The Café

November 2012 A+H was hired by an independently owned local restaurant to help increase brand awareness, new business by targeting an under-40 audience, and consumer engagement through the use of a variety of social media channels. At the time, social media was a relatively new marketing tool for ... view entire article

Sam Schwartz Pedestrian Traffic Management Services

February 2015 – April 2016 A+H was hired by Sam Schwartz Pedestrian Traffic Management Services (SSPTMS), a sister company of the Sam Schwartz Consulting - a leading traffic and transportation planning and engineering firm based in New York City. SSPTMS specializes in optimizing high-volume pedes... view entire article


April 10-13, 2016 A+H was hired by a quarter-century old intellectual property insurance corporation to help drive company awareness and new leads using IP Targeting. As the company was gearing up to be first-time attendees at a popular industry trade show, they were seeking ways to truly stand ou... view entire article

The B4B Alliance

The B4B Alliance – consultation, multiple website development, and visual presentation This project presented both a challenging and exciting opportunity to share a unique business story with multiple target audiences. Following a series of various marketing projects, A+H was approached by the ... view entire article