One of the most revolutionary forms of wireless communication was introduced at the very end of the 19th Century. It was called the radio, and by 1920 there was hardly a household that didn’t have one prominently positioned in the family living room. The radio introduced a new creative platform to share content audibly with an audience of “listeners”. There were no moving images to watch…. just sound that was broadcasted for anyone who was in an ear shot of an oversized electronic box with two knobs; an on/off switch and a radio station changer. During the “Golden Age of Radio”, science fiction writer/producer Arch Oboler coined the famous description for radio, “theater of the mind”. It was a perfect phrase to make the point that great writing and audio production can truly engage a listener’s imagination to the point where he/she can mentally visualize the scene and be convinced that the sound effects are real.

And even though the era of radio soon evolved into visual world of television, the art of good audio production still remains a critical element in successfully communicating with an audience. Today, traditional radio continues to hold onto a small piece of the market, but the current boom is online radio and podcasts. Hundreds of thousands of digital programs have rapidly captured the ears of the American consumer.

Should you consider starting a podcast to build your Storytelling Marketing Plan? Absolutely. Podcasts are inexpensive to produce and appeal to the consumer who relies on getting his or her information through programming on demand. So what is the key to producing a successful podcast? The answer, of course, starts with great content. Who knows, with a little imagination you could significantly increase your captive audience by creating a podcast designed to inform your listeners and eventually encourage them to make a purchase.

On a personal note, we have so much to be thankful for here at a+h. So on behalf of Watson, Lauren, David, Hunt, Steve, and Isaac we thank you for reading this blog and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones.