Playing by the rules is never easy when you’re striving to boost your business’ performance as quickly as possible. Rules equate to regulations and red tape - both of which do not sit well with a business owner. On the other hand, any intelligent owner wants to avoid hastily investing in a customer-acquisition strategy that delivers a poor return. So, in order to avoid the obvious potholes, you first need to adjust your mindset.

Think like a customer, not a business owner. In order to successfully attract a new customer you need to follow these very basic golden rules:

• Treat the potential customer just like you’d want to be treated as a customer.
• Never start the engagement by trying to make an immediate sale.
• Ask smart questions, and listen carefully to the responses.
• Earn the customer’s trust and respect by providing valuable information.
• Be totally transparent.
• Continue to share relevant content about your product/service to keep the customer engaged and progressing toward the sale (conversion).
• Strive to deliver an excellent customer experience before and after the sale.

Final word: To improve the return on investment (ROI), these 7 rules of engagement should be used as an overall filter with any and all marketing initiatives. Remember, your customers have now become you’re strongest marketing asset. By treating them with extreme care and respect, you are much more likely to build a very loyal customer base.
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