We live in a world that never stops changing and if you’re not careful, you’ll get lost. New social media channels are always trying to make their big break, and the big ones are constantly changing to stay relevant.

Instagram just revealed a new addition to their stories feature allowing brands and people to allow their followers ask them questions. It immediately clouded everyone’s feeds by harnessing the nostalgia of Formspring, a website where you could ask your friends anonymous questions but was shut down in 2013. Every so often you see these types of apps and websites come about, but they’re typically short lived.

Immediately following the release of this new Instagram feature, people on Twitter began sharing their thoughts. Enhancing the idea that no social media outlets are mutually exclusive. If something is happening, you can read about it on Twitter, or almost any social media platform.

IHOP’s brief change to “IHOB” was all you could see on Twitter for days, memes after memes. They later came out by saying it was just temporary to boost their new line of burgers and they’re back to IHOP for their 60th anniversary, thus began the trust issue jokes. IHOP clogged everyone’s feed for a week and then they went back to their regular speed. They even helped other brands that hopped on their joke by putting the letter “B” randomly in their titles. Foursquare, an app that tracks check-ins to businesses, said (in a tweet) that their name change didn’t draw in any more visitors.

Everyone has an opinion and Twitter is where people are learning they can express it, no matter who you are. You could be the President of the United States, or you could be a 14-year-old from Kentucky, it’s available for you.

Establishing your brand on social media has never been easier or more important. It allows you access to immediate feedback from your followers, they’ll like/retweet/comment/share your posts. It can help your business grow in real time by monitoring what customers are saying and by creating brand recognition. It can really make or break your business.

Putting your thoughts and ideas out on the internet allows you to reach millions of people, who interpret things a million different ways. Here at a+h we strive to help you find your voice and achieve your social media marketing goals. Contact us today to discover more.