We all realize that the holiday season is designed to appeal to our senses. Some even describe it as sensory overload. It starts with all the spectacular eye-candy; the magnificent decorations, the colorful ornaments, and all those amazing shopping offers. But there’s more to the holidays than just the commercial appeal. It’s also a time to reflect, give thanks, celebrate your 2016 success stories, and to conjure up new ideas for 2017.

And if you think about it there’s a distinctive musical sound during the holidays that triggers the mind to kick into this annual reflection. It’s the bells. You hear them in the holiday music, when you watch the old classic holiday films (when “an angel gets its wings”), at the Salvation Army red kettles, or even the distant chimes that ring from your neighborhood church. The poem, “Ring Out, Wild Bells” written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in 1850 talks about how bells were commonly rung in the town squares at midnight on December 31 to celebrate the beginning and the end. We invite you to find your bell and prepare to ring in the new year loud and long.

On a personal note, we would like to thank all of our clients, vendor partners, and family members for helping to make 2016 another successful year at a+h. And we promise that next year will be filled with many new surprises and opportunities. Stay tuned.