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In the blink of an eye another year comes to an end. For a+h, the final days of 2018 will be a time of both celebration and gratitude. We actually have a great deal to celebrate starting with achieving our 25th year in business -- not a bad milestone in today’s highly competitive workplace. Quite a lot has changed in the marketing communications industry since we opened our doors in the early 90’s. But, our focus on “Storytelling” continues to be the driving force for every strategy and tactic we create for our clients.

We also celebrate the amazing team of extremely talented people who contribute to a+h. Our special sauce for running this little creative marketing firm totally depends on the incredible staff and the many vendor partners that we work with every day. We are so grateful for your passion and tireless contributions to our firm.

2018 has also been a transition year in regards to ownership. Lauren Hendricks and David Nichols are now official partners in the firm and will assume full ownership in the next couple of years as Watson Courtenay starts his journey into the 2nd half of his life. Lauren and David bring a totally new energy to the office on a daily basis and both remain actively involved in the local community. Under their leadership a+h is destined to become an even more successful marketing firm in the very near future.

But enough about us -- as we often say, a successful story is not about you -- it’s about your customer. The real heroes in our story are all of the fantastic clients that we work with throughout the year. We sincerely want to thank each and every one of you for allowing us to help identify, craft, and share your story. We are extremely grateful for allowing our team of storytellers to help you grow your business.

And we look forward to continuing our partner relationship in 2019. But wait -- we can’t close out the year without sharing some sort of visual holiday greeting so take a look at our 2018 holiday e-card.

Click here to view our 2018 holiday e-card!