We hear this phrase used all the time. The term moderation is often used for personal health issues such as your diet and exercise habits. The point being that it is important to regulate the frequency of these important lifestyle activities. Without some form of control you’re either eating too much or too little; or you could not be exercising enough or exercising too much. Bottom line: there are consequences for not practicing the right balance of an action.

The same holds true in marketing. There is a fine line between sharing too many messages and not sharing enough information with your customers. The consequence for over informing a customer is for him/her to ignore the message or completely opt-out of your email list. And if you don’t maintain some sort of connection with a target audience they can simply take their business elsewhere. So the question is, “what is the perfect balance for keeping your target audiences informed?” Unfortunately, there is not a standard answer.

The path to proper moderation in marketing starts with truly understanding what your customers interests are as they relate to your business and how often they want to learn more about what your business can offer them.

Bonus Tip: Listen to your customers. Your message should not be based on what you want them to know; it should always be what they tell you that they want to learn.

Once you know what your customers want then you can create a strategic customer journey that identifies the best way to reach your audience and at the right rate of sharing relevant messages with them.

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