It’s no secret: Creating content doesn’t come easy for some people. Some call it writer’s block but it really comes down to having confidence in your ability to write. Fear can actually be the motivating factor behind limiting your creative ability, but you can’t let it stop you from creating amazing content marketing campaigns.
Here are a few tips to get you more comfortable with writing content for a blog or social media post:

First, you need to free yourself from the idea of having everything laid out in front of you, just write. If you try to go into the first draft with too strict of a plan you may find yourself stuck, focusing on the wrong aspects of writing- also known as writer's block. Instead, freely write your thoughts down and then go back afterwards with a fine comb to weed out what works and what does not. Doing will help you get free-flowing thoughts onto paper so you have something to work with, and then you’re one step closer to a finished product.

Next, focus on one idea and stick to it to convey your message effectively. Don’t be all over the place with your key point. You may have multiple points as part of the whole concept, but be sure your points are clear to your readers.

It is crucial to know who your audience is when writing. Knowing this will help you define the appropriate tone, voice, language, etc for your audience. Knowing your audience will also help you figure out what information you need to include so that you don’t sound dumb dumb-downed to those familiar with your the topic of your writing, while not being too advanced for those wanting to learn more.

Last, go all in with the first sentence. A big part of creating effective content for marketing is drawing the readers in and grabbing their attention immediately. Intrigue your readers from the start, so avoid bland and boring phrases.

You don’t need to be Poe or Stephen King to be an effective writer. Just put forth your best effort. Readers value strong and concise ideas, not just poetic writing.

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