We as human beings crave routine. Going to work each day, cleaning the house, paying bills, etc.… we get into habits that create structure, giving us predictability in our lives.

In some instances, routines can be extremely helpful. A set schedule often allows better management of your time, planning things out can simplify things and reduce stress. Routines ultimately allow us to feel safe, a sense of comfort in knowing what to expect.

When it comes to marketing however, it’s important to not consistently get stuck in your same old routine. It’s of course good to have clear goals and objectives, and it’s smart to stick to a schedule. But doing the same thing over and over from an advertising perspective can often become stale and lead to a lack of interest from your audience.

Albert Einstein is often credited with the famous saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Insanity in this instance is a bit harsh, but the point is clear, if you want different results, you have to try some new approaches.

Part of a successful marketing strategy is taking a comprehensive approach. Limiting yourself to a few broad areas of outreach or advertising means you are potentially missing a strategy or tactic that may prove to be the most successful. Tracking how these different approaches perform can provide valuable data, which is extremely beneficial when utilized correctly.

Maybe you’re using social media to make regular posts, and sales remain steady. That’s great, but as we all know, business can always be better. There is always room to go up. Maybe you haven’t tried pushing out any video content such as Facebook Live, or perhaps you could broaden your customer base with an influencer campaign.

It could be something as simple as changing up the time of day that you make your posts, the kind of photos you take, or even as simple as switching up your call to action to something more engaging.

Think about your business. Do you have room to grow any areas? Are there messages or services you’re having trouble relaying to your audiences? What could you be doing to reach that next level?

The bottom line is, you won’t really know until you try. So break that routine and try something new, who knows what it might lead to.

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