OK, it’s true - most paid advertising fails. The biggest reason for failure is typically a bad offer. The fact of the matter is that millions of people (like you and me) are overwhelmed with advertising offers on the devices we use every day.

As marketers, one of the primary challenges in digital media – and advertising in general – is catching the eye of a web surfer; content must be so appealing that he/she actually stops for a split second to read it, watch it, and click on it. Whether that content is text, video, or an ad, it must include an absolutely amazing offer.

To discover a good offer, start by identifying the bad offers. The bad offers are usually the first ideas that come to mind. You know… the same useless offers that you see everyday:

The Holiday Sale.
First month is free.
No money down.
Inventory Clearance.
Hurry, this offer ends soon.

Really? Do you think these old-school lines actually work? Of course not. Consumers are no longer motivated by these shallow offers - they are looking for real value and a reliable, trusted expert.

A good offer starts with thinking outside the box.
A good offer is designed to provide immediate benefit.
A good offer is typically the first step to achieving a long-term client relationship versus the one-time sale.
A good offer starts the path to a successful customer journey.
A good offer doesn’t take shortcuts.

“If you take shortcuts, you get cut short.”  - Gary Busey