One of the first challenges in marketing is figuring out how to successfully reach your target audience with your incredible message. Between traditional mass media advertising (television, radio, and print), direct mail, outdoor, indoor, point of purchase, and all of the new digital media options (email, online, mobile, and the dozens of social media channels), consumers are subjected to literally hundreds of ads every day. The overload is simply too much to handle and as a result all of us have learned how to effectively tune out every message we are exposed to…except for the one’s we are actually interested in learning about.

Social Storytelling was designed share relevant information with target audiences at the right time and through the right channel. In order to build awareness and generate customer leads the first step is to earn the opportunity to communicate with your prospects. The keys to Boosting Awareness include identifying opportunities, connecting with good prospects, and effectively informing and educating your audience with good content. It’s the first step to building trust with your future customers.
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