Even though Facebook now reports over 1 billion active accounts, there are still business owners that aren’t convinced that Facebook offers any real benefits. This article attempts to address the common concerns for starting a Facebook Business page.

Concern #1 – No one cares: My kids use Facebook and I think it’s a complete waste of time.
Key Fact: Facebook offers pages for personal users and a separate page for businesses. For the most part each has a completely different type of audience. In short, the personal profile page is used for social purposes and the business page is used to share relevant content designed to actively engage customers and prospects.

Concern #2 – Negative Publicity: Facebook opens the opportunity for critics to post negative remarks about my business.
Key Fact: This is absolutely true. As a matter of fact those same critics and competitors are already talking about you on the internet. So, you have a choice. Ignore the negative publicity or welcome it and address all of your customers’ issues on your Facebook page. Many businesses now use their Facebook page as a customer relations tool and a resource for research and development. Turn the negative into a positive.

Concern #3 – Zero benefit for B2Bs: Facebook is better suited for B2C businesses.
Key Fact: Marketing-minded B2B companies have realized that this is simply not true. All customers (businesses and consumers) actively use the internet to become better informed prior to a purchase. From a sales perspective the primary goal is to be perceived as a “trusted advisor”. Providing relevant and engaging content through social media channels such as Facebook is critical in achieving this sales philosophy.

Concern #4 – Lack of Likes: My business won’t attract enough Fans to make my Facebook page worthwhile.
Key Fact: The success of a Facebook page is not based on the number of “Likes” (fans) you have. Some Facebook pages can attract an amazing amount of people who “Like” your page. But, attracting more fans doesn’t always translate into gaining more sales. It’s far more valuable to engage qualified leads that can be converted to customers..and eventually loyal customers.

We’re certain there are other concerns for not creating a Facebook page for your business and we understand that Facebook is not right for everyone. But, we do believe that it can be a very effective channel for sharing your unique story – with over a billion potential customers.

“Can we go back to using Facebook for what it was originally for –
looking up exes to see how fat they got?”
~ Bill Mahar
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