Remember the grumpy elderly woman from the classic Wendy’s television commercial who barks out, “Where’s the beef?” after picking up the big bun that revealed a tiny burger? 32 years later that infamous line is still being used today to make a point about lack of substance.

If you’ve been reading our blogs over the last few years the recurring message revolves around the multiple benefits of publishing relevant content for your audience. One of the biggest mistakes we see time and time again are businesses that focus primarily on the design of their website and not on the content.

The design of the site essentially serves as the “big bun”. A nice visual can initially catch your audience’s attention but unless the site offers relevant substance then it typically leads to a quick exit. The best way to effectively engage your audience is by providing valuable content – the beef.

With the ability to immediately access tons of information online, customers have gained quite a bit of control of the buying process. Savvy business owners realize that their customers care less about a brand and more about the personal experience. While good design is certainly important, earning the reputation of providing a quality customer experience is achieved by sharing valuable content on an ongoing basis.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”
~ Charles Darwin
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