To succeed in business we’ve all been told that it’s critical to have a series of innovative strategies and plans. We’re told that we should have a business plan, a sales plan, and a marketing plan that are all supported by specific strategies. And now with the internet in full swing along with dozens of digital media channels at our immediate access, we need email plans, web plans, and social media plans. Well, before you pull your hair out..we have good news.

Despite the need for all these plans, there’s only one thing that really matters – people. To be more specific, the people who do business with you and the people who work with you. Every plan you create should consistently revolve around your customers, your employees, your partners, or your vendors. So, ask yourself this question: do you have a compelling story to share with your people?

Once you figure out how to engage these key groups, all the other plans will fall into line. Don’t lose sight of your most important assets.