Google It!

With Google’s ongoing list of cutting-edge ideas, it’s no secret that Google not only dominates the search engine market but several digital fields as well. Google continues to introduce innovative ways for businesses to profit from the Internet whether you are a sole owner or a Fortune 500 company. The Google business model has expanded into web sites, music, video, travel, and even eyewear. Google hasn’t shied away from competing against anyone including social media giant, Facebook. Google+ (Google Plus) users and traffic are still a distant 3rd to Facebook’s social media followers, but the gap is steadily closing.

So you may be wondering, “Should I set up a Google+ account to help boost my business’ image?”

The Short Answer: Certainly!

There are pros and cons to using any social media channel. But the more you use Google products and Google systems the more Google helps you increase your business profile. For example, when you post about an upcoming event, Google will help reach and engage your audience by boosting your SEO and your brand name. Also with Google “circles” you can target key groups of people with personalized content just by posting relevant messages to that individual circle. YouTube and Blogger, who are now owned by Google, can be easily linked to one account, which will result in simplifying your overall marketing determination.

Google+ may be the “sleeping volcano” waiting to explode with new users and popularity, but until then setting up a Google+ account can only help give your business a boost up the Google search list.

“If it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist.” ~ Jimmy Wales

Bonus Pop Quiz: How many times did we mention Google in this blog?
A. 14 B.20 C.29 D. Who cares?
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