Brands are constantly competing for consumers' attention. How many branded posts do you scroll through in a day? Probably more than you can remember. That’s why creating content that resonates with your brand's followers is so crucial to capturing their attention. Here are six content strategies to attract your consumers to your brand:

1. Let your target audience shape your brand’s image. Think like the audience you’re trying to target. Put yourself in their shoes. What are their demographics, values, and attitudes?
2. Stay relevant. What’s going on currently in your specific industry? Are there any emerging trends? Research and strategically utilize hashtags pertinent to the type of brand conversations you want to have.
3. Write posts that seek feedback in order to spark conversation. Your brand’s content should act as a conversation point between your brand and your audience. Interacting regularly with your audience will make them feel connected and loyal to the brand.
4. Use captivating visuals. Instead of a boring photo of a restaurant menu, show a patron enjoying a delicious, juicy cheeseburger. Emojis, when used appropriately, can convey meaning in an easy to understand and visually appealing way.
5. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Modern humans consume vast amounts of information on social media, and aren’t going to waste time reading something they don’t feel will benefit them. Maintain the audience’s interest by keeping posts concise.
6. Employ power words that stimulate strong emotions. Words like, “transform,” “friend,” and “home” evoke feeling and meaning that form an immediate connection.

There are several benefits to focusing your social media strategy on creating captivating content. One is User-Generated Content, a.k.a testimonials and images your audience provides that you can reuse for future posts. This type of content also helps your target audience to identify personally with the brand.

When customers are involved with your brand through social media, they become more brand loyal! Brand loyalty often leads to long-term relationships with customers who spread the word about your business.

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