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We’ve got a new challenge for you. If you’ve been following our blogs you know how passionate we are about content marketing (Storytelling). Websites, social media, and email are all effective marketing channels but they are essentially ineffective unless they are fed regularly with content that appeals to your target audience (customers).

In order to build a successful brand in today’s digital world businesses need to start thinking like “publishers”. Whether your target audiences are consumers, customers, subscribers, or shareholders, they are all heavily influenced by entities that actively share relevant content about their specific offerings. When you effectively help your target audiences become more informed you earn their respect as a “trusted advisor”. Statistics show that content marketing is a highly effective method of gaining loyal supporters.

But achieving that trusted advisor status takes work and commitment. The key ingredient lies in crafting compelling stories that clearly communicate your entity’s unique offerings and how they benefit your customers. By using the publishing strategy you can effectively share your content on a regular basis through multiple channels web, social media, email, video, and of course mobile.

The question you need to ask is, “Can I become a publisher using internal resources or does it make sense to partner with a content marketing firm that can effectively tell my story?”

“It is no use to keep private information which you can’t show off..” ~ Mark Twain
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