When we first started this marketing firm back in 1992 [dare I use this old saying] things were a lot different. Technology was a term used only by computer nerds and the economy was much healthier. Today, technology is an integral part of our daily lives and despite signs of recovery, the economy has taken a big hit.

Businesses continue to face new challenges that require change. But, change is never easy; oftentimes it’s just plain overwhelming. It took A+H some time to make sense of all these changes but I’m pleased to say that effort has been well worth it. As a matter of fact the journey has allowed us to identify many new opportunities for business growth. Here’s some advice: Think big. Start small.

Technology has clearly had a phenomenal impact on the business world. Technology can drastically improve overall efficiency, communications, sales, customer service, and branding to name a few. On the other hand, technology has also provided customers the ability to have much more control of the sales process. This customer-centric paradigm shift has arguably replaced all traditional hard sales strategies with new ones that use terms such as “trust advisors”, “lead nurturing”, and “customer experience”. That can be a hard pill to swallow for a decision maker who has always relied on traditional sales tactics. We’ve had several conversations with small business owners who know they need to adopt new technology tools and new sales strategies but they remain overwhelmed and uncertain about the direction to take plus the investment needed to purchase the necessary resources. Our advice: Think big. Start small.

Thinking big starts with developing a new business plan that outlines the big picture and the attainable goals. The key is to avoid trying to change everything at once. Start with a simple process that involves a simple piece of technology that is easy to adopt and use. Test the tactic and the tool, measure the results, and then proceed to the next step on the plan. Start small. Start simple.

We now live in a world that thrives on collaboration so it’s time to start thinking about how this can positively impact your business.