As summer gets underway you can’t help but find ways to beat the heat.

Think about your favorite summer treat, maybe it’s an ice cream sundae. Now imagine how the ingredients in your perfect summer treat can be translated into a story for your business. Perhaps a scoop of sticky content, sprinkled with irresistible expressions, and topped with fresh ideas. Voila! The perfect recipe for creating and sharing your exceptional story is just a few visual glimpses below.

Sticky Content
Say something that matters! By understanding your audience, you will get a better glance at what type of content will “stick” in their minds. Write content that will grab their attention but also create a conversation with them. A great tip: Talk with your audience, not at them.

Irresistible Expressions
Use keywords that inform. Think about your audience and what words or phrases they might use on Google to find your business. Keywords shouldn’t be crammed into your text, rather use your keywords to flow into your meaningful text. That way your audience is likely to read your content and also find your site on the search engines easier.

Fresh Ideas
Share new up-to-date content. Create fresh material that engages the audience and keeps them up with the current trends in your industry. Think about what you would want to read. Would your target audience enjoy reading it? Always keep your audience in mind!

With these main ingredients you will be on your way to creating the perfect content sundae that will have your readers informed, entertained, and engaged in your social media marketing. Be sure to monitor your social media sites and engage with your audience.

“You are what you share..” ~ C.W. Leadbeater