1. Listen. A good story starts by listening to your customer in order to learn what they really want to know.
It’s not about you. Make sure your story focuses on what you can do for your customer versus just telling them what you do.
2. Earn trust. One key to developing customer loyalty is to earn the reputation of providing valuable information that helps to educate your customer.
3. Pain relief. Develop engaging content that is specifically designed to help solve your customers’ problems.
4. Tell a friend. You know your stories are working when your customers share your valuable content with their friends.
5. Spread the word. Post your stories on every channel your customers access: web, email, social media, mobile, etc.
6. Prepare for a marathon. Once you start to share valuable content with your customers they are going to want more..so be prepared to meet that demand.
7. Encourage conversations. Ask your customers to share their stories and ideas. You may be amazed what you learn.
8. Tell the truth. Another basic key to long-term success is being honest with your customers. A quick way to failure is deceiving your buyers with bad information.
9. Discover your story. Every successful business was built on a good story. Most businesses have an idea what their story is but they struggle to articulate it and share it with their customers. That’s where Social Storytelling comes in.