You can admire and polish anything to make it shine, but making something beautiful doesn’t make it unique and doesn’t make it effective.

The same can be said about advertising and marketing. You can formulate the most astonishing campaign that implements every creative tool in the book and then some, but if your message doesn’t resonate with people, you have lost.

How does one make your advertising stick with your audience and have the effect that you desire? At a+h, we stress three main points: turn your messages into memories, encode these messages into the appropriate parts of the brain, and tell a relevant story. All of these factors combined make it possible for us as advertisers to dive deeper into human insight, and connect with our audience in a translucent and successful way.

Every day our minds absorb thousands of messages filled with information. Whether it be on the radio, internet, television, social media, or magazines, anywhere you go there will be advertising messages. There are so many that most people find them invasive and choose to ignore them all together. Consumers are tired of being sold to. They want to hear real stories from real people. At what point do we as advertisers come to the realization that we can’t just throw out information across a page and instead we need to shift our focus to telling our story?

If we were to ask you to tell us your most vivid memory, we bet you could tell us everything down to the smell of the room, and what you were wearing on your back. This is what advertisers must do. We must be deliberate in our messaging strategies to not only catch the eye of the audience, but to keep the eye of the audience and make our messages unforgettable. To do so, we must tell stories. Not just any story, but stories that resonates with your audience.

One of the best selling books of all time is the Harry Potter series. What makes this series so incredibly wonderful is that each reader who opens a book becomes captivated in the story of the boy wizard (Harry) who experiences some of the same things everyday people do. He struggles with friendship, love, life and death, good and evil, it hits almost every literary theme that can relate to human experiences. Stories that people can relate to are unforgettable and effective. Go take a page out of the world’s greatest authors’ books and you will see just how creative, effective, and memorable your messages will become.

What are you doing to make your stories memorable?
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