This may come as a surprise but a new report by Forrester Research shows that a majority of decision makers (65%) buy from businesses that do the best of job of providing compelling information or what we call “social stories”. The other 35% use the traditional method of requesting proposals from numerous vendors and then typically select the vendor based on the best price. Forrester’s report indicates that decision makers now seek vendors who provide more than just a good product and a good price. Businesses benefit from vendor relationships that help them become more informed so they can make smarter decisions.
Trusted Advisor

What’s Your Story?

Social Storytelling utilizes digital and traditional media to inform, educate, and identify existing challenges that need to be addressed. Social Storytelling helps you earn the reputation of becoming a “trusted advisor” versus other vendors who are simply interested in making a sell. As a trusted advisor you can dramatically increase the opportunity of converting a customer to a loyal customer.
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