Traditional advertisers are always looking for the immediate opportunity to close the sale. As one of our favorite marketers, Seth Godin, points out, “The goal then is to create tension, to escalate need, to amplify conflict until action is taken.” But his point is this pressure marketing strategy tends to fail in today’s immediate access but very selective society. Consumers are already bombarded with seemingly thousands of messages a day. Their response: “We don’t need more stress in our lives. We need fast relief.”
Social Storytelling focuses on sharing relevant information not high-pressure sales verbiage. Here’s the way we look at it. Instead of focusing on exposing conflict and pain, why not share engaging information designed to inform and create a closer connection with your target audience?
The traditional “fear” strategy is a short-term strategy. Storytelling is a long-term strategy designed to successfully connect with the prospect so you not only close the sale but continue to build a long-term relationship with the customer. Mix in a good customer experience program and you increase the chance of converting those customers into loyal customers or even brand ambassadors.
Storytelling isn’t brain surgery. It’s just good common sense.
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