It may surprise you to learn that one of the worst ways to start a marketing strategy meeting is by asking the common question, “What’s your target audience?” Well, for starters, your target audience is a “who” not a “what”. But, that’s not the lesson we want to share.

If you ask your sales reps who their target audience is, the answer is typically, “Anyone who wants to buy what I’m selling.” And who could blame them for giving that answer? The question is much too broad.

The deeper and more productive question should be, “Who is your ideal customer.” A marketing strategy can be much more effective when you zero in on prospects or candidates who are much more likely to do business with you.

The process of identifying the ideal customer starts with specifically describing the person – looking at it from both a demographic and psychographic aspect. This exercise includes listing everything from specific personality characteristics, individual traits, lifestyle preferences, and even how they prefer to interact when they are considering a purchase. Some marketers call this defining the Persona and some call it building the Avatar. But no matter how you label it the result is the same.

You now have a much clearer picture of the most likely prospect to buy from you. Knowing your ideal customer allows you to plan out a clear strategy for initially attracting your future customers’ attention and then sharing personalized content that you know they are interested in receiving.

Once the initial engagement is made your challenge is to continue to nurture the relationship throughout the Customer Journey. If you’d like to learn more about identifying your ideal customer we invite you to contact us at
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