As restrictions begin to ease, we're reflecting on how social media has been used to spread messages of not only hope and frustration but also important information.

Social media has served as an integral part of brands' communication strategies this past year. It has connected and educated us during a scary time and taught us that brands must adapt quickly to changes in safety protocol and maintain a high level of social awareness. To prevent potential blunders, brands had to stay updated on the latest social, political, and health news. Brands learned that being tone-deaf or not having the latest information could cost them and that every brand needs to know how to put out a fire.

More than anything, brands have recognized social media as an ever-evolving tool that can make or break a brand. It is a double-edged sword, so we've come up with some tips on how to use it appropriately during a crisis:

1. Watch other brands. You can learn a lot by following an example. How are they reacting? How has their audience reacted to their message?
2. Pause before reacting to the news. If you don't know the appropriate way to respond to an event immediately, give yourself a moment before formulating a response. Choose your words carefully, and make sure you get all of the facts straight before posting.
3. Think about your audience first. Messages that center the brand too much during difficult times may be off-putting to your audience who may be struggling.
4. Get involved. Find a way to help the community and get your audience involved as well. If your brand has the power to get other people to help, even better!
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