If you’re like many other businesses, a lot of blood, sweat, tears…and dollars can be dedicated to try and keep your company’s web site ranked high on Google and the other big search engines.

Pop quiz: can you name two other popular search engines?

There are numerous strategies to consider when attempting to improve a search engine ranking. Choosing the right path can be very confusing and that is by design. Why? To keep everyone honest. Google continues to change the rules in order to minimize SEO cheating and maintain the integrity of the Internet, which is based on providing relevant information.

Google recently released its new search engine algorithm, called Hummingbird. Their plan is to shift the purpose of a search from a “what” to a “why”. This means that a site is credited less for embedding keywords and more for actively publishing relevant content on the site.

Although it’s still important to identify the keywords that distinguish your business from your competitors…and it’s still recommended to establish link opportunities with ally enterprises, the main focus should be on publishing quality content or what we call “storytelling”. While your content should always relate to your services or products, it’s just as important to provide engaging content that provides value and helps educate the intended audience.

Effective storytelling achieves two complimentary goals:
1. to earn the trust of your customers and prospects
2. to establish your business (brand) as a respected authority

We can expect Google to consistently revise its SEO rules and regulations but one thing will never change: content will always be king.

Oh, here’s the answer to the pop quiz: Yahoo and Bing. Remember those guys?

“If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.” ~ Abraham Lincoln