Back when news journalism was respected for reporting balanced and unbiased information there were 2 acronyms that served as daily story filters for just about every newsroom in the nation. Those acronyms are WGAS and KISS and even though they may not be used as often by news organizations today, they can still serve as extremely valuable content filters for Brand Storytelling.

Let’s start with WGAS, which stands for Who Gives A S**t. [Note: We’ll assume most of you can figure out what S**t means.] WGAS serves as the blunt “Who Cares?” content filter from the perspective of the audience. Whenever a potential story reached the news editor’s desk he/she would immediately determine if the subject matter was relevant to the audience. Newsrooms throughout the nation typically receive dozens of press releases each day from both profit and non-profit organizations seeking free publicity. Unfortunately, many of those press releases never see the light of day simply because the content is not considered newsworthy. WGAS may sound pretty harsh but it can quickly help determine whether new content is worthy of sharing with your target audience. The last thing you want to do is risk losing the trust and respect you’ve achieved by wasting their valuable time sending an email, social post, or any form of communication that has absolutely no value or benefit to your customers.

Moving on to KISS, which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. This acronym is a great reminder to craft your content in easy-to-understand language that your target audience can quickly comprehend. All too often marketing messages are written as if they were internal messages filled with company jargon and language that only employees, stakeholders, or members of the trade can understand. Keep your message simple and use a “voice” that immediately resonates with your potential prospects, leads, and your current customers. Never assume your audience knows what you are trying to tell them. Combine your message with engaging visuals such as still images, motion graphics, and video to make sure your message registers accurately with your audience.

To summarize, always check your brand’s content using the WGAS and KISS filters before sharing it with your target audiences to make sure your message is not only heard but fully understood and considered valuable.

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