Raise your hand if you think you know what the most effective way to build a successful brand. The answer is fairly obvious; it’s the customer referral of course. There’s nothing new or technologically exciting about the referral. Fact is the referral is one of the oldest strategies for achieving word-of-mouth-marketing. But, with the boom of social media and online customer reviews, protecting your business’ reputation has rapidly become one of the most critical factors in brand development.

We now live in a world where the ultimate marketing goal of making a “sale” has been replaced by terms like “earning trust” and “delivering an exceptional customer experience”. The fact is customers now dictate the rules of engagement. As many businesses have witnessed, breaking any of these new rules could have very serious consequences.

At a+h, we have developed a marketing process that focuses on attracting not just new customers but loyal customers who can potentially become advocates of your business. The key is to first understand the wants and needs of your target audience and then to provide them with relevant and engaging content designed to guide them to a desired destination or solution - which often equates to a purchase.

The key to building a solid Team of Advocates starts by delivering an excellent customer experience. Excellent service leads to a positive experience for the customer. And that positive experience can often lead to your customers sharing positive comments with their friends and colleagues either in person or online via any of the existing channels including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Yelp, or Google.

If you have any questions regarding this blog or if you are interested in discussing a strategy on how to build a Team of Advocates we invite you to contact us.