Method of the Masses

We all saw it coming…or were we too busy looking down at our smartphones? Mobile devices are at the center of the modern marketing era. Just as handheld devices and pocket sized phones and tablets are gaining popularity, so is the importance of mobile search, mobile conversions, and mobile optimization. For a digital marketer, unlimited customer access is a dream that is quickly coming to fruition. Being able to target a potential customer 24/7 on a smartphone or tablet is making traditional advertising tactics on televisions or desktop computers old news. In 2015 alone, Americans spent nearly three hours a day on the mobile Web, more time than they do on laptops.

With every thing moving to mobile, businesses are quickly moving their marketing strategies online. From 2014 to 2015, the mobile advertising industry grew 34%, while desktop digital advertising grew only 11%.

While traditional advertising is not disappearing completely, mobile advertising is quickly on the rise. Here are some key terms a new mobile marketer should know:

– Mobile Optimization: Having a website that is created to adjust to different viewing screen sizes and load times. Site design, site structure, and page speed are a few of the characteristics looked at when determining the optimization.

– Mobile Conversions: These go hand in hand with mobile optimization. A consumer will convert their mobile site visit into a purchase if the website is optimized, meaning it is easy to use and responsive (quick, no lag). Mobile shoppers convert 160% more frequently on sites that are optimized for smartphones, according to Internet Retailer.

– Mobile Search: This is not simply searching your favorite search engine. There are many types of mobile searches, like a question and answer service (Siri, Cortana, etc.), mobile directory search (‘Find My Nearest’ or ‘Mobile Yellow Pages’), and mobile discovery services which offer recommendations on what to do next.

Also, make sure that your company’s website is mobile-friendly. (See photo below). Google just announced that their mobile search engine results (SERPs) will be influenced by the ease of the website on a mobile phone or tablet. With more than 1.5 billion mobile Internet users worldwide and almost 80% of those Internet users owning a smartphone, there are more than enough reasons to make the switch. But don’t forget to look up from your cell phone every once in a while to smell the roses!

“Mobile devices and our collective addiction to them are fixtures
of the modern marketing era” ~ Forbes

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