Congratulations! You just made a sale and gained a new customer. But, before you start focusing on your next prospect make sure you take the time to develop a strong customer relationship with your new customer. Maintaining regular communication with your customers can be very rewarding. Not only will it present new opportunities for additional sales but can lead to a referral. At A+H, we call this effort Maximizing the Experience and in our opinion it is the most overlooked and underutilized phase in business development. Maximizing the Experience is designed to help earn the customers’ trust and loyalty by treating them as valued individuals. Through the use of digital media, video, landing pages, direct mail, and events, we use a measured process that includes listening to the customer, learning from the customer, and responding to the customer. Maximizing the Experience is one of A+H’s Social Storytelling programs. Social Storytelling is designed to actively increase word-of-mouth marketing which remains the oldest and most effective marketing tool for generating new business. So, what’s your story?