It’s true, social media is the hottest thing in the marketing communications industry. And many businesses we talk to are anxious to dive right into the digital age. It should come as no secret that A+H is a big fan of social media but we have discovered some initial obstacles to overcome when we start planning goals and strategies with clients. The first obstacle is simply the fact that the business culture is not ready for social media?

Let’s say you’re goal is to improve internal communication and increase morale. If you’re thinking about initiating an internal social media network or intranet keep in mind social media requires a work environment that is open, honest, transparent, collaborative, and trusting. That can be a huge cultural change for some businesses who have employees and decision makers who aren’t comfortable with these rules of collaboration. If that’s the case then we recommend a strategy we’ve shared before; think big but start small.

Don’t try to change your culture overnight. It will most likely lead to failure. Start by identifying some early adopters inside your company and invite them to participate in an initial social network beta site. Make the membership exclusive and just start interacting but make sure there is a principal moderator who can keep the dialogue active. The key is to identify areas of interest and relevance to the participants so ask for input, advice, and suggestions during the beta test. If you do it right, then the word should spread virally and more employees will want to participate. That’s when you open the doors for more participants and before long everyone will want in.
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