Influencer marketing started to make a lot of noise last year. And unless you completely avoided social media all together in 2018, you heard it too. All the famous “Instagram models” posted their favorite smoothie drink and skinny tea for us suckers to go out and buy.

This new phenomenon was initially quite successful, but its rapid rise to the top caught the attention of many critics who are now challenging the authenticity of influencers. Since influencer marketing is so new, we have to be willing to grow this new form of marketing. To help you understand how to effectively use influencer marketing, here are some trends to focus on in 2019.

Instagram is going to be where majority of influencer marketing happens. In the last year its growth has been most prominent on Instagram, which comes as no surprise considering many of the drivers on the Instagram platform are celebrities and/or public figures. Influencers are paid to promote a product or service because they already have a captive audience, similar to celebrity endorsements.. Instagram is the go-to platform because its content is driven by photos and videos, which are the two types of content that receive the highest engagement rates on social media.

Whether we like it or not influencer marketing is growing and changing the world of marketing as we know it. There is an expectation to now include influencer marketing in marketing campaigns. In 2018, marketers hired influencers for one-offs. Example, a jewelry store hires an influencer to make a post about a specific piece of jewelry for an upcoming special event or sale. In 2019 the influencer is expected to play more of an active role throughout the entire marketing campaign.

.Strong marketers will want to build quality relationships with their influencers in order to strengthen the overall brand, as well as help the influencer to build their personal brand. Influencer marketing, like many other forms of marketing, is ever-changing. What is popular today may not help win over long-time customers tomorrow, but the tips we shared above can help you understand the current influencer market. If you’re interested in learning more about influencer marketing or any marketing practices for that matter, send us a message at