In parts 1 and 2 of our series, we provided tips on how to get the most out of Facebook by incorporating User-Generated Content and videos. For our final segment, we’ll take a look at the next generations’ shopping preferences and the role SEO plays when growing your Facebook Business page.

Always Be Aware of the Next Generation
Millennials and Generation Z are rapidly capturing a significant amount of spending power. Research indicates Gen Z will control approximately 40% of spending power by 2040. Millennials and Gen Z are known as tech-savvy generations who demand innovation, creativity, personalization, brand purpose, and transparency. Born into the digital age, 84% of millennials say they don’t trust traditional advertising. In order to drive engagement and find new ways to reach your customers, you must consider exactly what these generations want. Understanding your audience and taking measured risks are the two main tactics to use. As your market changes, change with them. Learn how they use channels, and be part of the conversation. Stay current with each channel's current features-- for example, Instagram introduced shoppable posts within their app, a trend expected to be huge in 2020.

Optimize your Facebook business page for SEO.
Facebook’s algorithms favor video, photos, and user-generated content. That’s why creating relevant content with your audience is key in growing engagement. Keywords are essential elements and should be used strategically to promote your content. For best results, avoid keyword stuffing and thoughtfully include keywords in your Page’s: About, Description, Business Info, Photo Captions, Notes, and Post Updates. You'll have a much better chance of receiving a significant SEO boost by claiming your Facebook page’s “vanity” URL and customizing it to match your company’s name. The branded URL should be descriptive and concise, as its purpose is to be memorable and give your audience an immediate impression as to what your business is about.

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