One of the most appealing aspects of Brand Storytelling is its simplicity. As the world of marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s very easy to become totally overwhelmed with new discoveries, opportunities, trends, and jargon. Brand Storytelling continues to remind us that the best way to earn the opportunity to start a conversation is by sharing an engaging story. Brand Storytelling involves a multi-faceted process that requires dedication and time, but the age-old concept of simple storytelling remains the consistent essence of the process.

Another key component of Brand Storytelling is developing a guideline for maintaining a clear voice and a consistent message. This guideline is called a Positioning Statement. Unlike a mission statement or vision statement, a Positioning Statement is for internal use. Simply put, it's a statement of how you want your brand to be perceived by your target market, employees, and stakeholders.

The Positioning Statement helps create a clear foundation for developing the Brand Story. The Positioning Statement works as a filter to make sure you stay focused on the unique factors that set your business apart from your competitors. It also ensures that the brand evolves using a consistent voice and message across all communication platforms.

When writing your Positioning Statement weave in the following points:
  • Identify and describe your target market.
  • Define the target market needs.
  • Explain how your business will address their needs.
  • Your Differentiator: What differentiates your offering from the competition.
  • How your target market will benefit from your Differentiator.

  • In summary, the purpose of a Positioning Statement is to serve as an internal guide or filter for:
  • Aligning marketing efforts with the Brand Story and your Differentiator.
  • Evaluating whether decisions about strategy, marketing campaigns, product design, etc. are in line with your Brand Story.

  • Final word: A Brand Story is an ongoing journey full of new chapters of engaging information that can be shared with your captive audiences. Make sure to review and update your Positioning Statement as your business continues to grow and products or services evolve.
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