There have been several depictions of the traditional sales funnel but they all seem to revolve around 3 primary stages: Generating Leads, Closing the Sale, and Upselling. Social Storytelling puts a bit of a different spin on the sales cycle. In the last eMerge we shared our thoughts on Boosting Awareness which plays a major role in engaging prospects.

After successfully gaining the initial attention of a prospect, the obvious next step is to convert the prospect to a solid lead and then an actual customer. Sometimes the sale happens quickly and sometimes the prospect wants to remain a prospect for a while longer. Sales professionals are rarely interested in cold or long-term leads, especially when their compensation is commission based. But all good leads can eventually turn into a maintaining a connection with an engaged lead is a good investment.

Social Storytelling uses marketing techniques to first segment leads according to personal interests and where they stand in the sales cycle, and then continues to nurture the leads with relevant content. Attracting customers takes time and patience but when done properly you can dramatically increase the chance of turning a basic customer into a loyal customer. The key is sharing good content (stories) with your leads on a regular basis to keep them engaged. When done correctly chances are good that you’ll close the sale.
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