3.02 billion: That is 1/3 of the world's population. It is also the projected number of worldwide users on social media by 2021.

50 million: That is how many small businesses worldwide are currently using Facebook for marketing purposes.

Based on those numbers, it's no secret that social media is one of the most engaging and fastest-growing forms of marketing today. Even though businesses understand the importance of social media marketing, many don't realize that social media can be their most profitable marketing strategy.

That's why we're sharing five tips for how to use social media to fuel business growth and opportunities.

1. Use social media to tell your business’ unique story. Share your story on social media to help differentiate yourself from your competitors. Customers are drawn to stories they can relate to and brands they can deeply connect with, so build deep connections with your audience and earn their loyalty.

2. Your content must align with your brand. ‘Likes’ and ‘follows’ are great, but social media success is more than a numbers game. Your content must be relevant to your audience and it must align with your brand identity. Format your content to optimize for each platform.

3. Provide value before asking your audience to do anything. People don’t want to be “sold to”. Share your expertise in an authentic way. Before asking your audience to do anything for you, provide free value to them first. Deliver relevant content that proves you care about them. In the end, your goal is to build engaged followers who love doing business with you.

4. Incorporate more video into your social media strategy. Videos help keep your content fresh and exciting, which leads to a more engaged audience. Algorithms have evolved to reward native video content. Sharing different types of content can provide insight into which ones perform better.

5. Track & Measure Results. In order to know what content is working and what is not you must track and measure your results. Adjust your content strategy to focus on what performs best. What takes less time to get a good return? Tracking allows you to set realistic goals. Pro tip: Save time by using report generation tools to easily create reports for you!

When structuring your own marketing plan and budget, make sure to include a strong social media plan. If these tips have piqued your interest, shoot us a message at info@ahadvertising.com!
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