1. Commitment – Prior to embarking on this journey determine if you can make the commitment to remain responsive. Your story continues to evolve and needs nurturing.

2. Concept – The strategy – unique idea. Determine the purpose of the story and what you want to achieve.

3. Creative – Oftentimes the creative includes design. Good creative increases the appeal by making the story visually engaging.

4. Content – Good compelling content is critical. It’s the single most important asset to affective marketing, digital or traditional.

5. Connection – Engage your target audience and nurture them through the sales cycle (prospects, leads, customers, loyal customers, ambassadors)

The ultimate goal for any story that you share is to achieve effective word-of mouth-marketing (WOMM). When you get to the point where your customers are selling for you, you’ve achieved greatness. WOMM is designed to convert customers to ambassadors.
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